The Chuck Hanson
Tour de Apple Valley

Event Details

Tour de Apple Valley is an event designed to raise money for non-profit organizations in the Apple Valley area. This year, organizers hope to raise over $5,000 for local charities. Apple Valley’s famous weather, gorgeous mountain scenery, hundreds of bike riders, and raising money for charities make the Tour de Apple Valley and event not to miss.

Check in starts at 7:30 AM — the ride starts at 8:00 AM.

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Event registration

Click here to register on-line through For on-site registration of the Metric Century and Metric Half-Century rides there is a $10 late registration fee that will be added — so register early. If you are pre-registered, you may pick-up your packet during this time and all other pre-ordered merchandise.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Hanson

Chuck Hanson, a native Californian, reacquainted himself with bicycle riding at the age of 49, found “fun” again and it changed his life forever. In 1980 at the age of 50, he flew to San Francisco and rode back to L.A. in 4½ days and repeated this ride in 1981. During the spring of 1983, Chuck decided to commute to work every day, he rode the 16 mile distance (one way) for the next 6 years racking up nearly 50,000 miles.

In December of 1987, Chuck had a heart attack while riding to work. After angioplasty followed by open-heart surgery, doctors were amazed at his speedy recovery — making Chuck a local cycling (and heart surgery) celebrity. By 1990, as preparation for an ultra-marathon bicycle race, Chuck was able to complete 73 “century” (100-mile) rides in one year, in addition to the race itself.

The highlight of Chuck’s cycling career was the privilege of doing the “The Race Across America,” the longest bicycle race in the world. During the summer 1992, his four-man team rode across country in 7 days, 7 hours and 26 minutes. Chuck would repeat this race three more times and has crossed the country a total of five (5) times. At the age of 70, “Honey Bee” Hanson competed in the Furnace Creek 508-mile race, saying “I did the entire route as a farewell ride to competitive riding.”

Chuck currently rides three days a week, is regularly in and about Apple Valley, CA, and is always seen wearing one of his many colorful cycling jerseys. Remember to wave whenever you see him!

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